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Main » 2009 » Tháng 08 » 3 » COMMUNICATIONS STYLE INVENTORY - Trắc Nghiệm Mô Tả Phong Cách Của Bạn

This is an informal survey, designed to determine how you usually act in everyday related situations. The idea is to get a clear description of how you see yourself.  On the answer sheet, circle A or B in each pair of statements below, which shows the one that MOST, describes you.

A) I’m usually open to getting to know people personally and establishing relationships with them.
B) I’m not usually open to getting to know people personally and establishing relationships with them.

A) I usually react slowly and deliberately.
B) I usually react quickly and spontaneously.

A) I’m usually guarded about other people’s use of my time.
B) I’m usually open to other people’s use of my time.

A) I usually introduce myself at social gatherings.
B) I usually wait for others to introduce themselves to me at social gatherings.

A) I usually focus my conversations on the interests of the people involved, even if that means straying from the business or subject at hand.
B) I usually focus my conversations on the tasks, issues, business, or subject at hand.

A) I’m usually not assertive, and I can be patient with a slow pace.
B) I’m usually assertive, and at times I can be impatient with a slow pace.

A) I usually make decisions based on facts or evidence.
B) I usually make decisions based on feelings , experiences or relationships.

A) I usually contribute frequently to group conversations.
B) I usually contribute infrequently to group conversations.

A) I usually prefer to work with and through others, providing support when possible.
B) I usually prefer to work independently or dictate the conditions in terms of how others are involved.

A) I usually ask questions or speak tentatively and indirectly.
B) I usually make empathic statements or directly expressed opinions.

A) I usually focus primarily on ideas, concepts, or results.
B) I usually focus primarily on persons, interactions, and feelings.

A) I usually use gestures, facial expression, and voice intonations to emphasize points.
B) I usually do not use gestures, facial expressions, and voice intonations to emphasize points

A)  I usually accept others’ points of view (ideas, feelings, and concerns).
B) I usually don’t accept others’ points of view (ideas, feelings, and concerns)

A) I usually respond to risk and change in a cautious or predictable manner.
B) I usually respond to risk and change in dynamic or unpredictable manner.

A)  I usually prefer to keep personal feelings and thoughts private, sharing only when I wish to do to.
B) I usually find it natural and easy to share and discuss my feelings with others.

A) I usually seek out new or different experiences and situations.
B) I usually choose known or similar situations and relationships.

A)  I’m usually responsive to others’ agendas, interests, and concerns.
B) I’m usually directed toward my own agendas, interests and concerns.

A) I usually respond to conflict slowly and indirectly.
B) I usually respond to conflict quickly and directly.


Total the numbers of items circled in each column and write it on the spaces above.

Now, compare the “O” column with the “G” column and circle the letter that has the highest total.

O or G

Then compare the “D” column with the “I” column and circle the letter that has the highest total.

D or I


So What’s the Verdict????

If you circled the G and D, you tend toward being a Controller/Director.

If you circled the O and D, you show many qualities of a Promoter/Socializer.

If you circled the O and I, you’re predominantly a Supporter/Relater.

If you circled the G and I, you have lots of Analyzer/Thinker characteristics.

     Values acceptance and stability in circumstances
     Slow with big decisions; dislikes change
     Builds networks of friends to help do work
     Good listener; timid about voicing contrary opinions; concerned for others’ feelings
     Easy-going; likes slow, steady pace
     Friendly & sensitive; no person in unlovable
     Relationship Oriented

     Values accuracy in details & being right
     Plans thoroughly before deciding to act
     Prefers to work alone
     Introverted; quick to think and slow to speak; closed about personal matters
     Highly organized; even plans spontaneity!
     Cautious, logical, thrifty approach
     Thoughtful; no problem is too big to ponder
     Idea Oriented

     Values enjoyment and helping others with the same
     Full of ideas and impulsive in trying them
     Wants to work to be fun for everyone
     Talkative and open about self; asks others’ opinions; loves to brainstorm
     Flexible; easily bored with routine
     Intuitive, creative, spontaneous, flamboyant approach
     Optimist; nothing is beyond hope
     Celebration Oriented

     Values getting the job done
     Decisive risk taker
     Good at delegating work to others
     Not shy but private about personal matters; comes on strong in conversation
     Likes to be where the action is
     Take charge, enterprising, competitive, efficient approach
     Fearless; no obstacle is too big to tackle
     Results Oriented


Identify the communication style of each person described below.  Simply use a letter S (Supporter/Relator); C (Controller/Director); P (Promoter/Socializer); A (Analyzer/Thinker).

1    _____George can quickly tell what’s going on in any situation and is not afraid to speak out about what should be done.  He doesn’t follow the latest fad, but wears clothes that are practical. When you first meet George, you notice he is friendly.  Later you realize he hasn’t told you much about his personal life.  You go out to lunch with George.  He orders steak medium rare, but the meat is served nearly raw.  George shouts for the waiter, and complains loudly.  The waiter apologizes and takes the steak back to be cooked longer, but George doesn’t want to wait.  He demands to see the manager and tells her in the future he’ll eat elsewhere.  You both grab a lunch at a drive-through and are back at the office in time for George’s next meeting.

2    _____Dave is really a nice guy.  He’s open and always willing to listen.  On his desk are lots of photos with family and friends, many of them taken at Disneyland, the “happiest place on earth.” Dave usually dresses in soft, warm colors, and hates to wear a coat and tie.  You go out to lunch with Dave and he orders steak, well done.  When he cuts into it, however, it’s overdone and tough.  He doesn’t say a thing to you, and continues to eat.  The waiter comes by and asks, “How is your steak?”  Dave hesitantly replies he’s sorry to say he likes his steak a little more tender.  “Would you like me to take it back?”  Dave answers, “Only if it’s not too much trouble.”

3    _____Jean is a rather complicated person.  She cares a lot about what others think of her, but she is sometimes callous about the feelings of others.  So she’s both sensitive and insensitive. It can be confusing!  There is no confusion about one thing-Jean is an excellent planner.  She gathers all the data and can foresee potential problems. She researches ways to avoid them, at little cost to the company.  At her desk, Jean displays her college diploma, framed, and a list of company policies. You go out to lunch with Jean, who orders steak medium well.  It’s a shade too pink for her, so she requests the waiter to have the chef cook it for exactly 2 and a half minutes more.

4    _____Caroline is a popular person with a big ego. She gets into many circumstances where she is the one to confront problems, because she knows how she thinks and feels about may issues. Caroline speaks her mind, but doesn’t like to alienate others in the process.  So she tries to make them feel good, about themselves and her.  Caroline has a large closet full of clothes with lots of color, texture and bold designs.  At her desk is a blown-up photo of her and the company president having fun at last year’s Christmas party.  You go out to lunch with Caroline and the steak is not cooked to her liking at all. She calls the waiter over immediately and asks for another plate.  She quickly decided to try something else.  “Bring me the sword fish special instead!” 

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